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The Latin American Tango

Latin American dances are full of fun steps and elegance and are very popular worldwide. Among all the dances Tango is the most popular. It is dance which involves a couple and originated way back in the 1880’s at River Plate. Over a period of time many variations of the dance developed but the original Tango is still one of the most popular dance forms in the world. This blog is an attempt to bring the world of Latin American dancing with all its grace to everybody. This site will contain the dressing styles, the touch element and the cultural influence of the dances. The ballroom tango is most popular in Europe as it is simple to perform. From this style of dance emerged two different styles – English Tango which has become a competitive dancing style and the American Tango which is a casual dance performed at social gatherings. This site aims to keep you up to date in the world of Latin American dance but as it ‘takes two to Tango’ contributions always welcome.

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