Rumba has its roots in the West Indies but really came to life in Cuba in the 19th century, gaining popularity in the USA and Europe in the 1930’s. Dancing the Rumba is fun, sociable and great for your overall fitness. Alongside the Argentinian tango, it is probably the most sensual of the Latin American dances with its slow-quick-quick rhythm. Don’t let the fact that Rumba is the slowest of the Latin ballroom dances fool you; it’s not as easy and effortless as it looks. When dancing the Rumba, the connection between the dance partners is paramount, the traditional box step position, just like in the waltz, encourages good eye as well as physical contact. Romantic, intimate and sensual, Rumba is a great dance to learn and works brilliantly as the first dance for a wedding. Dancing is an excellent way to burn heaps of calories without it feeling like exercise. So it’s brilliant for losing weight, and improving your fitness level. Rumba works all the major muscle groups including the heart. It tones the body and strengthens the core helping to maintain a trim waistline. Learning the steps will give a workout for your brain too. Anybody can learn to dance, but to become good will take a lot of practice. Luckily it is so much fun that once you have been bitten by the dance bug, you are unlikely to mind the hard work. I hope you found this post Improve your fitness with dancing
and it will inspire you, and encourage you to explore this wonderful dance.

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