I’ll give you a minute to guess where salsa dance originated from… Though it does stem from Latin America, salsa didn’t become distinctive until the mid-70’s in New York! Who would have thought!? Well, when you think salsa, you wouldn’t be mistaken if what comes to mind is the image of voluptuous women in the arms of equally good looking men. What this article is about, though, is what is a rather important yet overly overlooked aspect of the art- the Salsa dance accessories. The accessories come all the way down to the clothes you have on ’cause just like other dances, salsa is physically demanding! Avoid anything woolen (anything heavy) cause you will be drenched in sweat. Try not having rings on because your fingers shall be interlocked with your partner’s and the friction could be unbearable. For the ladies, it’s highly advised that you wear something short- falling just above your knees cause the dance does involve successive rapid movements. Salsa dance accessories aren’t only limited to clothes! One might choose to wear distinct brooches mimicking the dancers of yore who fashioned hibiscus flowers over their left ears. The brooches also serve a purpose of keeping your hair in place as you’re in motion. A gorgeous necklace shall have you looking right in place at a salsa function. Salsa got a chance to feature on an award winning movie. The movie La La Land has a main poster features the two starring actor’s engaging in a dance of salsa which is the best way to represent what actually happens in the movie- A love story of two souls meant to love each other!

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