The pleasure of being swept away and off your feet is what has fired the Salsa craze in UK and other parts of the world. Exhausting, stimulating, energetic and romantic, people are now saying they want to explore their wild side and Learn to Salsa in the South End Park. The salsa craze in UK and other countries and learning how to tango isn’t only opening up a whole new world to previously sedentary people; it also provides unexpected benefits to people with mental challenges. The social contact with other people and the stimulating exercise have people noticing benefits like improved memory, improved posture, and better balance. The tango particularly is better than other ballroom dances for this. If anyone feels as though this costs lots of bucks, they’re wrong because there are even Latin Dance companies who offer free salsa lessons each week on some dance floors set up in the park. Ready to rock the floor? Use salsa dancing for many different things, from a romantic date to a fitness exercise, this dance has something to offer everyone.

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