Tango is as alive as ever with Tango competitions proliferating the British Isles. This Latin American dance has always attracted people because of its humble slave roots and its natural mindful movements. By letting go of strict pattern memorisation, tango is all about moving organically to a local phenomenon, a flow of energy between both partners. It is a dance of grace or fiery passion. From the early 1900s, Tango has spread through Europe and the Americas. Today it can be found at your local community hall in the UK. Tango competitions are more widespread now as Tango seems to attract both passionate romantics and anyone who feels like trying a ‘free’ form of dancing. The 2016 Charlie Tango meet was a huge success, putting this Swansea based ecstatic Tango group right at the centre of Britain’s ‘Tango’ map. It is never too late to learn The Tango and dance to the varied beats that can accompany this dance, nor will you have to go far to get involved in this Latin American dance that has now become a local phenomena.

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