Tango is one of the most beloved partner dances in the world. With its restrained passion and controlled movements, it is no wonder it is often referred to as the dance of love. Tango history is an interesting one. The dance originated in the 1880s, along the natural border between Uruguay and Argentina. After its creation, it didn’t take long for this dance to become hugely popular and spread across the world. Early tango was known as Creole Tango, but today there are many different kinds, thanks to the long tango history that has brought change and development to the dance over the years. Many agree that the kind danced in Uruguay and Argentina is the closest one can get to the original. Among the variations today are Finnish tango, which is more somber according to Finnish culture, and Queer tango, where the heteronormative rules don’t apply, allowing women to dance with women, men to dance with men, and women to lead the man. Tango is not only an exciting and passionate dance, but you can even Improve your balance through Tango dancing
thanks to the rigid and controlled style.

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