It is the Time to Tango in Cyprus, the island known for love and passion. The biggest event of Tango in Cyprus is due to open on October 28 at the Grecian Park hotel. This event attracted many visitors from the country and abroad last year and was a resounding success. The event will include workshops and crash courses from beginner to advanced levels. This year’s event “Tango in Cyprus” also includes special packages for ladies. The specialised courses for women span over four workshops, and the cost is just 100 Euros. Absolute beginners also have a crash course priced at 100 Euros. There is also the option of paying for individual workshops, and that is just 25 Euros. Milonga nights are the attraction, and it requires to have VIP passes, but that too is not expensive. Milonga is a variation of Tango with lesser breaks and it is a good workout for the hands and legs. There are specialised packages for couples, who want to learn this dance form. Cyprus is the location for Tango this Winter, so get your seats booked early to avoid disappointment.

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